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Rhapsody Direct is an extension to Rhapsody that provides the technology stack needed for a Rhapsody-branded consumer facing experience. Rhapsody Direct provides direct access to Rhapsody content and services through the use of SOAP and XML/JSON interfaces. Rhapsody Direct also delivers the entire Rhapsody experience, including catalog browsing (otherwise known as metadata browsing), library management, media playback, account management, search, purchase, and content extraction capabilities.

Current Partners

If you are already a RDS partner, you can continue to our online SDK, as well as our FAQ. If you do not yet have a login for access, please contact us.

Potential Partners

Overview of becoming a Rhapsody Direct Partner

  1. email gabrielau(at)rhapsody(dot)com in order to inquire about becoming a Rhapsody partner
  2. non-disclosure agreements and partnership
  3. review welcome letter and sdk.
  4. development of Rhapsody-enabled product
  5. certification of product by Rhapsody
  6. product release

You can find more about the certification process here.

More about Rhapsody Direct

Enabling End-to-End Access to the Music Experience

Rhapsody® Direct is the digital music platform that enables integration of the award-winning Rhapsody experience directly into hardware, software and the Web.

It redefines the consumer digital music experience by providing ubiquitous, personalized and interactive music access from any device. Rhapsody Direct can deliver unlimited and dynamic music assets from connected and off-line home entertainment systems, portable music devices, car audio, mobile phones, Web and software applications.

For developers, OEMs and device partners, Rhapsody Direct provides a world-class standards-based platform that can be used to directly compete or coexist with other end-to-end music platforms. It specifies more of the consumer-facing experience than PlaysForSure and provides the enabling technology required for that experience.

Redefining Consumer Digital Music Experiences

Rhapsody Direct was created for OEMs and third parties to leverage Rhapsody assets to construct new music experiences that benefit consumers. It has the power to give the customer secure, personalized end-to-end hardware, software and browser access to music and music assets.

Rhapsody Direct provides bi-directional connection points to the Rhapsody network service. Everything that the consumer does is stored in the network allowing them to access their music from anywhere. Rhapsody Direct is ultimately not about specific devices or music environments but the intelligence in the network to provide the consumer connection points to the Rhapsody music service.

Rhapsody Direct Technologies

Rhapsody Direct is comprised of these major technology areas:

  1. Rhapsody Direct: the Rhapsody Platform layer that supports the scaling of Rhapsody to all environments
  2. Rhapsody Direct for Mobile Phones: streamed and/or downloaded local files
  3. Rhapsody Direct Commerce: purchase and fulfillment of MP3s
  4. Rhapsody Direct Extract: bulk download of Rhapsody metadata

Rhapsody Direct includes a robust set of REST, JSON, and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) APIs that can be used for applications on PCs, websites, or in embedded hardware. As the name implies, the Rhapsody Direct APIs give developers direct access to the Rhapsody servers without requiring the use of the Rhapsody client. Instead, HTTP calls can be made directly into the Rhapsody servers, allowing partners and consumers to create complete Rhapsody experiences easily, quickly, and with flexibility.

A cornerstone of the Rhapsody Direct services model is its focus on performance and reliability. With SLAs in place, Rhapsody DNA Direct services are fast enough to act as the back-end tier for other services, with both low latency and excellent end-to-end response times. Rhapsody DNA Direct readily supports the creation of home entertainment hardware solutions.

Rhapsody Direct for Portable Music Devices consists of Helix DRM for portable devices, an optimized protocol for connecting to Rhapsody, firmware libraries and UI guidelines for implementing Rhapsody specific features such as account status, preload and Rhapsody Channels.

It supports music transfer to the internal storage of the music player, whether it is flash, hard disk or PRAM based. In addition, it provides the core services and rights management to provide a seamless and connected bi-directional music experience.

Rhapsody Direct for Mobile Phones enables an end-to-end mobile-only or a combined hybrid mobile and PC subscription service environment. Rhapsody Direct for Mobile Phones includes the functionality of Rhapsody Direct for portable devices. Many Rhapsody features may be rapidly ported to a target mobile platform with relative ease.

Rhapsody Direct Commerce consists of a set of APIs for the purchase and download of non-subscription MP3s.

Rhapsody Direct Extract is a set of APIs that allows a bulk download of Rhapsody metadata provided in easily parse-able XML. Customized formats for metadata as well as streaming rights and mp3 pricing can be included in this XML extract service.

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